Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

With more than 20,000 members, the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) helps drive business success through education in management and leadership for commerce, industry and government. Founded in 1941, the non-profit organization delivers more than 120 training courses and a range of certifications and resources to equip Australian organizations with the skills needed to excel.

“As part of a multimillion dollar, cloud-first IT transformation strategy, the Australian Institute of Management had a mandate to adopt cloud applications across all our locations. We started by implementing Salesforce for CRM, and NetSuite for cloud ERP in the Sydney office and needed both applications to talk to one another seamlessly.

Informatica Cloud was instrumental in making this happen on time and under budget. The Australian Institute of Management will be using the success of this integration project as a blueprint to expand our cloud-first strategy to all our other locations.”

– Edward Austin, Senior Solutions Architect, Australian Institute of Management, NSW/ACT​


Business Need

Transitioning from on-premise applications to a cloud business environment, AIM needed a simple, cost-effective cloud solution to connect NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM.

Synchronize data bi-directionally between NetSuite and Salesforce, and deliver improved efficiency across related sales-to-cash processes.

Eliminate time-consuming manual work and custom-coding required with its previous Microsoft Dynamics GP and Saleslogix applications.



Replace various on-premise systems run individually by the merged entities and AIM’s 10 offices around Australia

Integrating disparate cloud and on-premise applications for ERP and CRM functions.

Manage diverse streams with different recognition schedules (e.g., a student might book a training course but AIM couldn’t recognize that revenue until the course was taken).

A small IT team that did not have the resources to create custom fields or functionality every time a change needed to be made.


Solutions & Results

With Informatica synchronizing data bi-directionally between NetSuite and Salesforce, AIM NSW/ ACT is giving its sales representatives a real-time view of its customers and leads, resulting in improved sales effectiveness and higher revenue in cross-selling products and services.

The solution also delivers improved efficiency across related sales-to-cash processes – for instance, a sales opportunity that closes in Salesforce automatically updates financial records and generates an invoice in NetSuite.

AIM has also dramatically streamlined its revenue recognition processes. Previously, the organization resorted to spreadsheets to manage diverse streams with different recognition schedules. With NetSuite’s sophisticated revenue recognition, AIM saves several days a month in manual work.

With Informatica Cloud, the organization also has flexibility to deepen integration across other components in its cloud architecture, including a Tableau visual data analytics system and a Marketo marketing applications.


Products & Services

Informatica Cloud

Informatica Cloud Integrates cloud-based applications and on-premise databases and applications data quickly and easily.

Success Stories


Solved the immediate problem of getting the data from its enterprise HR business users.

Schneider Electric

Improved collaboration across business units, enables Schneider to increase sales in multi-business opportunities by 10-20%.

The Travel Corporation

With Informatica’s Cloud MDM to Salesforce Travel Corporation is able to see all interactions with their customers.