KaMin LLC is a manufacturer of hydrous and calcined kaolin. The company’s reserves and processing technologies produce high quality kaolins for a variety of applications. KaMin mines and produces its kaolin in the US and sells its products to all regions of the world. KaMin has been recognized not only as a leader in product quality but also in its safe mining practices for many consecutive years.

“Thanks to Informatica ... KaMin has become its ‘own master’ faster — being in a position to target, acquire, and support kaolin customers up to six months more quickly than if we had used an alternative divestiture strategy.”

— Senad Hadzic, CIO, KaMin LLC


Business Need

Support rapid divestiture from parent company.

Become fully operational faster and at reduced cost.

Minimize risk associated with divestiture strategy.



Delete all the necessary competitive data from the Oracle E-Business Suite by the divestiture deadline, including commercially sensitive recipes and formulas.

Ensure that KaMin had an effective operational Oracle E-Business Suite that could support the business.

Oracle E-Business Suite had been subject to a high degree of customization, including more than 600 custom tables.


Solutions & Results

Saved more than $1 million in development and implementation costs.

Shortened time-to-market of new company by six months.

Divested Oracle E-Business system within 24 hours.

Minimized risk of creating new legal entity.


Products & Services

Informatica Data Subset

Creates database subsets from large, complex databases to better manage nonproduction systems.

Success Stories


Vale delivered archived data compression rates averaging 95 percent, and saved $1 million annually in storage costs


Maintained data integrity and data access after the data was archived.


Successfully integrated 400,000 customer accounts from acquired bank in one weekend