RulePoint Complex Event Processing

Get from analysis to action—fast.

RulePoint complex event processing software provides proactive monitoring and operational intelligence by delivering real-time alerts and insight into pertinent information, enabling you to operate smarter, faster, more efficiently, and more competitively. Its real-time alerts are based on sets of conditions defined by business users.


RulePoint key features include the following:

  • Supports users’ various skill modes — with templates and wizards to advanced features — so operational intelligence can be delivered regardless of skill.
  • Accelerates roll-out of templates to business users in existing web portals, increasing the efficiency of operational intelligence.

Proactive monitoring

  • Monitors diverse and disparate data or event sources, including event streams, sensors, communications systems, message queues, web services, RSS feeds, databases, and flat files, for robust operational intelligence. Natively processes both real-time and batch data.
  • Leverages custom/proprietary data sources and functions and easily integrates into third-party user interfaces, portals, and applications.
  • Pushes alerts about critical threats and opportunities to a web-based persistent communications channel, email, and any other destination.

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