Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition

Once-and-only-once message delivery enables accurate and ordered processing.

Informatica's Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition leverages the powerful combination of a JMS API plus the well-known performance and high availability of Informatica Ultra Messaging, allowing you to standardize on one high-performance, resilient message queuing and delivery technology across the enterprise.


Informatica Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition offers the following key features:

  • Works over any network (1GigE, 10GigE, and Infiniband) at very high throughput via open APIs (C, .NET, Java, and JMS).
  • Supports a wide variety of protocols, including TCP/IP, latency-bounded TCP, reliable unicast and multicast, accelerated UDP multicast (kernel bypass), RDMA, and IPC.
Load balancing and queuing
  • Works in ultra-load balancing mode to send messages intelligently to the most available receiver.
  • Provides efficient low-latency load balancing without the need for a central message queuing process.
  • Sends messages to specific receivers for processing, improving message queuing and delivery system efficiency and throughput.
24x7 reliability
  • Supports zero-latency failover via an innovative hot/hot failover design.
  • Guarantees 100-percent uptime on commodity hardware solutions.
Robust configuration tools
  • Supports flexible topic design, publish/subscribe, request/reply, symmetrical data flow, wildcard receivers, and late join.
  • Enables automatic topic resolution, multilayer group addressing, and flexible delivery ordering.
Easy-to-use tuning tools
  • Supports adjustable rate control to limit and protect against unexpected data flows and intelligent delivery to enable the sending application to determine the course in case of a slow receiver.
  • Enables out-of-the-box SNMP integration.
Broad connectivity
  • Provides a powerful gateway for easy and secure connections to different network domains.
  • Supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX – Windows 32- and 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, and UNIX 64-bit (AIX, HPUX, and Solaris).

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