Data Archive Secure Edition

Provides compliance and retention-management capabilities for application retirement projects.

Masking and audit-logging capabilities maintain secure access to archive data and to manage compliance.

Highly regulated data requires extra levels of protection and audit capabilities. With this solution, all accesses to archive data are automatically logged for auditing and reporting purposes. User access to sensitive fields can be masked based on their roles to prevent accidental or malicious data breaches.  This edition is perfect for application-retirement projects for which compliance and privacy are key requirements.

Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs across a wide range of legacy applications
  • Maintain secure access to data in the archive
  • Ensure compliance and retention management
  • Document and enforce defensible disposition of data

Key features include:

  • Archive Access-Native Application
  • Informatica Data Vault
  • Archive Access-Search and Data Visualization
  • Compliance Manager
  • Dynamic Data Masking
  • Search Portal – Keyword Search
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication
  • Data Encryption In-Transit and At Rest
  • Bulk Data Loader for Flat Files
  • Integrated Validation

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