Great American Opportunities and its parent company, Great American Opportunities, is one of the biggest and most respected names in helping non-profit organizations raise money for their causes. Based in the US and Canada, the company offers fundraising options for any group’s needs, including magazine subscriptions, gifts, discount cards, gourmet packaged foods, and many other flexible options.

“It is rare something lives up to what it says it will do. In the case of Informatica’s Email Verification, the service exceeded our expectations, bringing our email bounce rate to nearly zero.”

— Drew Pettit, IT Director, Great American Opportunities

Business Need

Retain high levels of quality customer service

Ensure that emails sent from the online fundraising platforms reach their destinations

Avoid re-structuring of existing infrastructure

Improve data quality practices within the organization

Cleanse data as soon as it is entered, before it is ever used

Efficient, stable, and consistent processes for data cleansing that fit into existing systems


Poor email deliverability rates impacting customer service levels and sales

Protecting the ability to send email, which is the company’s biggest communications channel

Requirement that a solution will work with existing systems

Solutions & Results

Verifying and cleansing email addresses as soon as they are submitted in real-time

Cloud-based Email Verification solution implemented across 4 divisions

No need for ongoing maintenance, and very little upfront development time

Fewer customer support calls

Measurable customer satisfaction improvements

99.5% deliverability rate of emails sent on behalf of their customers

Development time and costs saved

Higher degree of trust from customers

Success Stories

GSI Commerce

The AddressDoctor Address verification solution enabled GSI to standardize on one unified solution for all countries.


JLL Delivers Marketing Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate Investing.


Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene helping RingCentral nurture leads and stay in touch with existing customers