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“Mastering our patient information with Informatica Multidomain MDM allows us to identify and view the entire episode of care for a patient across our disparate healthcare delivery network.”

—Vice President, Business Intelligence, Healthcare Provider



Reconcile patient data from multiple electronic medical record (EMR) systems due to rapid growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Enable better continuity of care by identifying which services were provided to every patient throughout a network of 23 hospitals

Enhance healthcare analytics capabilities by group to determine which patients might benefit from wellness visits or be at risk for certain conditions


Solutions & Results

Master patient data from 3 EMR systems spanning 23 hospitals and rehabilitation centers and 5 payer enrollment files using Informatica Multidomain MDM

Consolidates the total number of patient records to ease growing pains, reducing the number of records by 49 percent, from 6.5 million to 3.2 million

Leverage MDM matching engine to identify 80,000+ duplicates as M&A hospitals are on-boarded into the enterprise EMR

Improves outcomes by connecting patient data across the entire episode of care, including doctors seen, lab tests, hospital procedures, and follow-up visits

Create patient insurance group hierarchy to identify relationships between patients on the same insurance plan

Provides a stronger foundation for research and analytics of patient outcomes within insurance groups and by location

Success Stories

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Union Bank of the Philippines Drives 12x Higher Revenue with Digital Transformation

Providence St Joseph Health

Providence St. Joseph Health enhances patient care and safety with a single source of truth for all data assets


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