The data-ready enterprise.

Great data helps you seize your opportunities.

Data is disrupting every discipline in every company and every industry on earth.

It’s no longer just about tactical decisions. It’s about transforming how we engage with consumers, predict behaviors, spot trends, service customers, develop products, and re-engineer processes.

How ready are you?

With clean, safe, connected data, you’re ready in the ways that matter most:

Decision ready

Driving next-generation analytics and business intelligence for better decisions at the speed of business.

Customer ready

Delighting customers with consistent, intelligent, personalized engagements everywhere.

Application ready

Empowering teams by consolidating around a core set of agile applications.

Cloud ready

Modernizing the way IT supports the business and accelerates change.

Regulation ready

Streamlining data governance to better manage risk and drive down the cost of compliance.

Big data ready

Integrate, secure, and govern next-generation big data to add value to your organization.

Get started.

The winners will be those who seize the opportunities created by big, dynamic, multi-sourced, omni-connected, ever-present, always-on data. We’ve written a lot about that:

The rise of the new data leader.

Turning information into insight isn't for the fainthearted. It takes a special leader who knows how to treat data management as a strategic business discipline and make smart calls about technology and organizational structure. This is the new data leader. Find out what it takes to become one.

How to organize the data-ready enterprise.

Seven practical lessons for building a department dedicated to data from leaders who've built their own.

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Data drives profit in the data-ready enterprise.

But IT/Business disconnect threatens success. 


The future belongs to the data-ready enterprise.


Data lies at the center of every process and every relationship.

The future belongs to those who treat data as a strategic business asset. Who make intelligent data management a priority. We can help.

This is how