Keymobile Software Co., Ltd.


Keymobile Software is a leading software development and solutions provider for Business Intelligence (BI), Mobile Intelligence, and Social Intelligence Applications. Across China, we have already implemented solutions in Finance, Tobacco, Manufacturing, Governmental, and Communications industries.

Headquartered in Guangzhou/ Shanghai, Keymobile Software has set up a research and development center with three services centers located in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. From these facilities, we support project development and implementation services through the whole country, including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

After many years of accumulated industry experience, Keymobile Software is capable of providing business intelligence solutions covering planning consultation, software product customization, software development implementation, and technical services. Our products are widely used and highly recognized by China Mobile, China Telecom, City Commercial Banks and other companies.

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Asia Pacific: China, Taiwan, Republic of China, Macau, Hong Kong