Informatica Cloud Data Integration-Free and Cloud Data Integration-PayGo

Simple, Fast, Smart Data Integration for Virtually Everyone, Everywhere

Free, Fast, Frictionless Data Integration from the Inventor of ETL

Businesses don’t have time to wait for days or weeks to get access to much needed data. IT is overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data access requests on top of the already existing myriads of data pipelines. Both parties are seeking to reduce dependency on the central IT with a simple, fast, no-code, no-setup data integration tool for tech-savvy business users — including data analysts, analytics engineers, data scientists and business-focused data engineers — to get immediate access to data and insights. They also often want to start small, with a few use cases, preferably at an affordable price. And the IT integration team wants to make sure they can provide that without compromising security or compliance.

Ideally, you would spend as little time as possible setting up the data mapping and be able to automate the processing of data on a desired schedule. To support that, your data integration tool should be able to automate extraction, transformation and loading of virtually any data, in any format, from any system, at any volume and velocity without compromising the security and reliability of the data.  

Informatica Cloud Data Integration-Free (CDI-Free) and Cloud Data Integration-PayGo (CDI-PayGo) help you access and transform data from multiple sources with a no-code, intuitive and easy-to-use UI.  

Follow these simple steps to get started: register (with no credit card information required), connect your source, select your target, create the data mapping and then choose to run or schedule. 

Key Features

Automates Your Data Pipeline with Proven Integration Techniques

You can quickly operationalize your new data pipeline and reduce integration issues by automating the process. CDI-Free and CDI-PayGo also help find task failures and resolves them faster. The tools also support security protocols, authentication and authorization mechanisms. Use these tools to join from different sources and move, validate and standardize data quickly and securely. CDI-PayGo additionally offers large scale data processing, compliance protection and award-winning customer support. Use the estimation tool to predict the future usage and upgrade accordingly.

CDI-PayGo Estimation tool

Figure 1. Use the CDI-PayGo Estimation tool to calculate cost based on future usage and to predict if you need an upgrade.

Provides a Simple Wizard-Driven Experience

Informatica CDI-Free and CDI-PayGo are designed as self-service data integration tools. Get started without a credit card with CDI-Free and let the AI-powered wizard guide you through the simple drag-and-drop process of adding sources, targets and transformation tasks and then creating a mapping. There is no software to install. The setup process requires zero overhead, zero DevOps and zero coding. In-product contextual videos help users to navigate through the queries they might have while using the tool.

Offers Robust Out-of-the-Box Connectivity to 40+ Applications and All Major Cloud Data Warehouses

Your organization runs on a unique set of applications that act as sources for different data types and formats. With CDI-Free and CDI-PayGo, you get access to a wide range of plug-and-play connectors. This makes it easy for you to simply connect to any application of your choice and access the data. It also enables you to load the transformed data, regardless of where it resides, into the cloud data warehouse of your choice — including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks DeltaLake and Google BigQuery.

Supports Data Transformations in both ELT and ETL Mode

Depending on the use case, you might need to modify your data to fit to your requirements. CDI-Free and CDI-PayGo provide a codeless, point-and-click mapping interface to implement the transformation. You can choose from a wide range of pre-built transformation tasks and templates for fast and consistent results. If you are running an ELT data pipeline, you have a simple drop-down option in GUI for pushdown with no need to learn proprietary commands. 

Provides Reusable, Auto-Generated Mappings and Templates

A codeless point-and-click interface enables you to design and run a data mapping. This establishes the relationship between the different data models, decides how the data flows and ensures it reaches the targets in the desired way. You don’t need to be an expert to use it. When you create an asset, such as a mapping, mapping task or taskflow, you can either start from scratch or use a template. The tool offers a variety of data manipulation templates to jump-start your project. 

pushdown for ELT processes

Figure 2. CDI-Free and CDI-PayGo enable pushdown for ELT processes with a single click.

Key Benefits

Lower Your Cost and Risk

Budget concerns are often discussed when adopting a new tool. Because Informatica CDI-Free has no cost attached, there’s no need for budget approvals and no risk of unexpected expenses. If your workload exceeds the processing of 20M rows or crosses the limit of 10 hours of processing time per month, you can quickly transit to the pay-as-you-go option. CDI-PayGo offers additional compliance support, award-winning customer support and unlimited rows. And since no coding is required to operate CDI-Free or CDI-PayGo, you no longer need to worry about hiring skilled developers.

Enjoy an Easy, Self-Serve UI, with No Need to Burden Central IT

Your time is limited and valuable, and that’s why Informatica CDI-Free require no DevOps, with no agent installation or setup needed. This frees up your time and resources to focus on other priorities that drive business value. With the simple user experience, it’s easy to collaborate on business analytics initiatives with other departments, such as finance and sales and marketing, increasing their productivity, too.

Accelerate Innovation

Innovation relies on having the most relevant insights based on the most recent data, irrespective of where the sources and targets are. With high-speed data transforming and loading from practically any data source to virtually any cloud data warehouse, you will be able to run analytics quicker to accelerate that process. With CDI-Free, starting your pilot project is easy and hassle-free. If your analytics project becomes successful and you need to scale, you can always upgrade to CDI-PayGo with the click of a button.

Get the Right Data at the Right Time with Free, Fast and Proven Data Integration

Collecting meaningful data from a vast array of sources, whether they’re on-premises, in one cloud or in multiple clouds, can pose a big challenge to data analysis. You need to consolidate, modify and filter all the data you collect when running an analysis. With Informatica CDI-Free and CDIPayGo, you can simplify data integration, which allows you to focus less on data collection and more on solving complex business challenges. Get started for free and take advantage of our flexible pay-as-you-go option as you scale.  

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