• Introducing Operational Insights for Informatica Big Data Management

    Operational Insights is a Cloud-based Application that provides visibility into the performance and operational efficiency of Informatica assets across the enterprise. This webinar will introduce a new product offering - Operational Insights for Informatica Big Data Management. Now you can better understand big data cluster resource utilization of Informatica jobs, analyze mapping/workflow executions, manage capacity, and troubleshoot issues in minutes. Includes product demos.

  • Meet the Experts: Cloud B2B Gateway-Efficient Partner On-Boarding & Data Exchange

    Every enterprise wants to establish a tighter collaboration with their trading partners to perform better. Hence on-boarding and managing your partners “the old way” is no longer an option. Informatica B2B Gateway enables organizations to expedite partner on-boarding and management, simplify EDI handling with out-of-the-box EDI processing and validation, and comprehensive monitoring and tracking.

  • Meet The Experts: What’s new in Informatica Data Integration Hub?

    Informatica Data Integration Hub simplifies complex data integrations so you deliver data and analytics faster to your business. Whether you want to update or start new data integration projects, deliver self-service analytics quickly for your business, or manage master data management initiatives, a modern publish/subscribe hub for data helps you accelerate your goals. Watch our webinar and learn how to reduce complexity and eliminate point-to-point integrations with a hub and spoke model.