• Informatica helps Fannie Mae manage risk and compliance

    Fannie Mae, the leading source of liquidity for housing in America, leverages Informatica PowerCenter, Data Quality plus Meta Data Manager for business glossaries and data lineage to help meet Dodd-Frank compliance and manage risk in the mortgage market.

  • Informatica SWIFT Alliance Gateway 解决方案

    Informatica SWIFT Alliance Gateway 解决方案是一款基于 Informatica B2B Data Transformation 的企 业软件,用于处理复杂数据转换,以便 SWIFT 网关供应商帮助客户缩减 SWIFT Alliance Gateway 操作和通讯时间、降低复杂度并节约成本。

  • Banking POV: Framework for Building a Modern Data Foundation

    Leading financial services companies are embracing sweeping digital transformation strategies, including next best experience, personalization, omni-channel consistency, and compliance with customer-centric regulations such as FACTA, KYC, GDPR and CCPA. The common denominator underpinning all of those initiatives is a solid data foundation and a Customer 360. Most financial institutions have tons of client information residing across many systems and silos, but customer profiles tend to be less than 20% complete and lack insights from unstructured data, such as web chats, phone notes, and emails. Getting to 100% doesn’t happen with conventional matching capabilities or from raw data in a data lake. To take full advantage of all data, it requires modern capabilities including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, graph visualization and more.

  • Omnichannel Banking and the Need for Data

    Omnichannel as an approach is here to stay. Customers, regardless of whether they are Retail or Corporate in nature, are increasingly demanding new capabilities like omnichannel so Banks need to respond.