• Moving Data to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

    With Informatica Cloud’s broad connectivity to relational databases such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, companies can bring their required data from any data warehouse into the Salesforce Analytics Cloud for rapid customer insights.

  • Informatica Cloud Data Wizard for Salesforce

    The Informatica Cloud Data Wizard is a next-gen data loader built natively into Salesforce, designed for any user. It offers one-touch bi-directional data loads for flat-files, databases, and other cloud, and on-premises apps.

  • Informatica Cloud Data Wizard - Next Gen Data Loader

    The Informatica Cloud Data Wizard is a next-gen data loader built natively into Salesforce and designed for any user. Informatica Cloud’s templates enhance this productivity by providing numerous integration use cases accessible with a single click.

  • SAP to Salesforce1 Accounts Sync

    Data integration templates with pre-built mappings between SAP and Salesforce1 objects such as Accounts, Contacts, Products, Pricing and Orders.

  • Cloud First Overview Demos

    Watch a high level introduction to Informatica’s hybrid capabilities to start the journey to hybrid cloud.

  • Workday Integration – Quote to Cash

    This demo explains how to use Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, Salesforce Connector, and Workday Connector to extract Salesforce Opportunity and insert it into Workday using Put_Opportunity Operation (API).

  • Cloud Designer Overview

    The Cloud Designer can be used by a developer to build reusable integrations that include parameterized values -- allowing line of business app users to quickly create tasks for repeatable processes.