• Data Powers Ryder’s Journey to Cloud with Amazon Redshift

    Trucks bearing the Ryder logo likely pass you by every day. Ryder is relied upon, by over 50,000 customers and more than half of Fortune 500 companies, to manage their critical fleet, transportation and supply chain, with outstanding on-time delivery rate. Needless to say, data is the critical fuel for Ryder’s overall operations. Pun intended. Informatica will be hosting Ryder to discuss their journey to cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Redshift and the critical role data management plays in Ryder’s strategic cloud initiatives.

  • Overview & Demo: PowerCenter, Data Quality, Data Integration Hub 10.2 Unveiled

    You want to transform your business, but your data is spread across a multitude of on-premise and cloud systems. How are you going to organize and manage it all? And how do you even know what data you have and if it’s clean and reliable? We have your answers. Discover how Informatica simplifies the journey to cloud at the latest unveiling of the world’s #1 data integration and data quality solution.

  • Cloud Data Warehouse with PowerCenter and Amazon Redshift – Deep Dive & Demo

    In this technical session we will discuss the reasons many customers are extending PowerCenter to support cloud data warehouses on AWS with Amazon Redshift and review common patterns for Amazon Redshift adoption. We will overview the Amazon Redshift architecture and discuss available options from Informatica for extending PowerCenter to support Amazon Redshift. We will share details about using prebuilt Informatica connectors for Amazon Redshift and other AWS services such as Amazon S3, and overview advanced scaling features such as grid, partitioning and pushdown optimization.

  • Cloud panel: Get Results with Your Cloud Investments

    Do you have a cloud first mandate? If so, are you seeing favorable business results around agility, cost or time-to-market? Whether your focus is on standing-up new cloud applications, creating data centers in the cloud, or building a data warehouse in the cloud, it’s critical that you have a sound data management strategy to realize these business results. Hear tips on how to maximize your cloud investments from customers who have embraced this approach and from cloud experts who can provide insights.

  • Defining Enterprise Cloud Data Management for a hybrid world

    Is your company on a data-driven digital transformation journey? With cloud being a strong directive, managing the enterprise data across cloud and on-premises environments is a common impediment in this journey. However, you are not alone when facing this hybrid data management challenge. Join Forbes contributor and analyst, Joe McKendrick and James Humphrey, Principal Architect at National Instruments as they share critical business drivers, use cases and challenges shaping the success of the journey to cloud.

  • Red Hat’s Adoption of Cloud Analytics Architecture

    Enterprises adopt cloud for their analytics architecture to support high scalability, speed to value and timely analytics. Join Ian Firman, Data Warehouse Architect at Red Hat, to go under the hood and understand how they drive massive scale and performance of their analytics environment, deal with huge volumes of data across cloud and on-premises, and deliver trusted data for advanced analytics, data modeling and deep learning using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services Redshift.

  • Informatica Cloud Partner Testimonial - Couchbase

    Gerald Sangudi from Couchbase discusses how data is central to everything Couchbase does and how building connectivity with Informatica Cloud helps liberate their customers to unlock their full data potential.

  • Power your business with a Cloud Data Integration Hub

    As cloud-first organizations adopt multiple SaaS applications, they need an efficient way to connect them together and with on-premise systems. In this webinar you’ll learn how to empower marketing, sales & finance users and make data more accessible to enhance team productivity.

  • 5 Gründe für Cloud-Data-Management - #3 Geringe Kosten

    Kosten senken & dabei flexibel und unabhängig bleiben. Hört sich gut an? Ist es auch – mit Cloud-Data-Management. In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie, welche Gründe für die Einführung einer solchen Lösung sprechen und welche Vorteile sich daraus ergeben.