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Disrupt. Intelligently
  • Reference Data Management Accelerator

    Whether you refer to it as lookup values, reference code, code tables, or reference hierarchies, reference data is an important part of your business when you need to master common code types.

  • Data Integration for the Real-Time Enterprise

    For companies to navigate turbulent business conditions and add value to their products, customer relationships, and business partnerships, they need timely, accurate, and relevant information. The more responsive and agile a company is, the better it can respond to globalization, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, fierce competition, tight operating budgets, high customer expectations, and demands for ever-faster product delivery.

  • Pervasive and Trusted Analytics

    A Joint Cloudera-Informatica-Tableau-Solution: Quickly and Repeatably Curate All Data into Trusted Information for Self-Service Analytics

  • Cognizant Securities Central, Powered by Informatica MDM

    Can you settle the majority of your trades in T+1 day? Do you have challenges computing end-of-day pricing? Are you able to quickly determine your own risk exposure or that of your top clients and act on that information? If you face challenges in any of these areas, the root cause can be related to how your firm manages master data around securities, issuers, and counterparties.

  • The Data-Driven CFO

    CFO charters have grown over the last few years. “Being a CFO is becoming a bigger and bigger role today.” It is not just about profit and loss, expense management, or even budgetary control.

  • Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog for Tableau

    Data is the new and trusted currency to create opportunities, solve challenges, and accelerate innovation. For it to be trusted, data must be secure, governed, accessible, timely, relevant, and actionable to enable companies to deliver data-driven transformation outcomes.