• Data Means Business at Allianz | Informatica

    The nineteenth episode of the Data Empowerment Experts series features Barry Green, the author of “Data Means Business,” and Chris Wyard, the Chief Data Officer of Allianz UK for a discussion about how a strong data governance framework enables a data driven culture.

  • Data Governance Tool Capabilities

    In order for an enterprise to have an effective data governance program they need modern data governance tools; Learn about 5 capabilities of a data governance tool and how they support a data governance framework.

  • Top Strategies to Stay Ahead of Changing Data Privacy Laws

    Increasing volumes of data and data security breaches are driving new privacy laws. Having a data privacy strategy that automates data protection and transparency are more important than ever. Learn how to implement an effective data privacy strategy to keep up with the world of ever-changing privacy laws.

  • What is Data Intelligence?

    Data intelligence leverages business, technical, relational and operational metadata to provide transparency of data profiles, classification, quality, location, lineage and context; Enabling people, processes and technology with trustworthy and reliable data.

  • Cultivating Insights with Governed Data at FBL

    Learn how FBL Financial has built a data governance program that delivers a foundation of trusted data that the organization can use to illuminate insights and break down silos to scale across the enterprise.