• To Sink or Swim in your Data Lake

    Based on where we are heading, I don’t think using words like Data Lakes, Swamps, Reservoirs, or names of other large data bodies is going to work well.

  • Tell your stories with data

    Tell your stories with data - Without stories, few people will understand what data can, should, should not do or mean.

  • What Is Data Security Intelligence?

    Informatica Data Security Intelligence provides a standardized way to measure risks for each data store, group, department, and across the organization.

  • "Where Is My Data?"

    "Where is My Data? Scale Venture Partners partnered with the Ponemon Institute and Informatica to uncover top-of-mind data security concerns

  • Unified Intelligent Data Protection

    In partnership with Capgemini & Microsoft, we've introduced Unified Intelligent Data Protection to standardize data privacy and protection policy semantics.