• The Power of Point-of-Sale Data

    Informatica has been providing POS and eCommerce-based data quality solutions to retailers for years. During this time, we have established a set of key use cases to drive repeat business, as well as best practices for implementing contact verification at point-of-sale. This whitepaper will review these use cases and workflows and provide implementation tips.

  • Data Security Intelligence Future State

    In this White Paper, Neuralytix analyzes the Data Security Intelligence (DSI) market. Our research indicates that this market will reach US$)800M by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 27.8%. North America and EMEA will be responsible for over 95% of the DSI spend.

  • Data Governance: ein Konzept für Wettbewerbsvorteile

    Dieses White Paper soll Befürwortern von Data Governance in den Geschäftsbereichen wie auch in der IT dabei helfen, eine Dynamik in Gang zu setzen, die es braucht, um Data Governance zu einer unternehmensweiten Priorität zu machen. Das Dokument bietet ein Rahmenkonzept und enthält die Tools und Begrifflichkeiten, mit denen die Geschäftsleitung über Data Governance aufgeklärt werden kann – um sie dazu zu bringen, Data Governance als ein geschäftliches Thema zu betrachten, das ihre Aufmerksamkeit verdient und in das es sich zu investieren lohnt.

  • Holistic Data Governance: A Framework for Competitive Advantage

    The goal of data governance is not just to clarify who “owns” data but also to optimize its value. The data itself is merely the means to the desired end of improved business performance. Accordingly, the responsibility for data governance efforts should fall at least as much on business as it does on IT—and preferably more.

  • Master Data Management and Migration

    The growing significance of master data management for data migration projects, its usefulness, and the best deployment options, including relevant case studies.

  • Data governance olistica: Un framework per il raggiungimento di un vantaggio competitivo

    Questo documento intende aiutare i responsabili della Data Governance a creare, nei dipartimenti business e IT, lo slancio necessario per trasformarla in una priorità per tutta l'azienda; presenta un'infrastruttura, gli strumenti e un vocabolario per formare i leader aziendali sulla Data Governance, con lo scopo ultimo di infl uenzarli, affi nché comincino a considerarla un aspetto del business che richiede attenzione e investimenti.