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  • Fuel better business outcomes with trusted enterprise data

    The ever-changing data integration landscape and explosion of data from social networks and mobile devices has made it more difficult for organizations to gather, store and effectively use data to power analytics and deliver the insights needed to achieve better business outcomes.

  • Informatica Data Archive Federation Option

    Data may be inactive, but it can’t be inaccessible. Your business users may need to access both archived and production data for accurate reporting. Your legal discovery and regulatory compliance audits may depend on retired data from legacy applications stored in multiple archives.

  • Data Explorer Baseline Deployment

    Informatica Data Explorer allows business analyst and data stewards to easily profile data in order to identify issues such as invalid or null values, invalid patterns and non-unique key values.

  • Data Quality Audit

    The Data Quality Audit enables you to start developing a baseline assessment of the current level of data quality within your enterprise environment. Over the course of the engagement, you will learn to analyze and enhance the quality of your data as it pertains to your specific projects and goals, and collaborate on a concrete set of steps for further improvement.

  • Data Validation Option Baseline Deployment

    The Data Validation Option Baseline Deployment engagement enables you to accelerate the effective deployment of the Data Validation Option (DVO) within your enterprise to quickly deliver value to your data integration efforts. During this engagement, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of Informatica Professional Services in installing, configuring and leveraging DVO within your environment based on proven best practices and deployment strategies.

  • Data Quality Standard Edition Foundation

    Informatica’s Data Quality Standard Edition Foundation engagement provides a strong basis from which you can build and expand data quality within your enterprise. Architecture, installation, configuration and processes based on Informatica’s best practices and Velocity methodology will ensure that you are prepared to effectively deploy Informatica Data Quality within your projects across the enterprise.

  • Informatica Big Data Edition Architecture and Deployment

    Increasing data volumes and speed of information coupled with the explosion of social media has put increasing pressure on IT departments to provide new ways to manage the avalanche of data. Hadoop and related technologies are at the center of many of these efforts and Informatica provides a Big Data Edition to speed the adoption of Hadoop.

  • Informatica Data Integration Hub

    The explosion of big data, SaaS (Software as a Service) and on-premise enterprise applications and analytical systems creates complexities, challenges and fragmentation for companies needing to rapidly evolve their systems. Learn how Informatica Data Integration Hub, the world’s first modern hybrid hub-based data integration, connects big data, cloud and traditional systems.

  • Informatica PowerCenter Unstructured Data Option

    The Informatica® PowerCenter® Unstructured Data Option expands PowerCenter’s data access capabilities to include unstructured data formats. With this option, your IT organization has easy configurable access to binary and textual files and messages.

  • Data Quality Health Check

    A Data Quality Health Check can help to detect areas of risk on installed systems and also to identify opportunities for improvement; resulting in a more stable and secure environment. Informatica Professional Services can perform a Data Quality Health Check either on-site or remotely, depending on your repository sizes and security requirements.

  • Data Integration Solutions for Tax Data

    In recent years the number of tax returns filed electronically has grown exponentially leading to a wealth of data available to revenue agencies in federal, state, and local governments. Demand is for timely processing and immediate access for mining and reporting.