• Five Keys to Fixing Healthcare Provider Data Quality Once and for All

    Health plans have made big investments and great progress in improving operations, enhancing the member experience and becoming more data-driven. However, inaccurate and unreliable provider data continues to be a source of inefficiency, unnecessary rework, and a barrier to innovation.

  • Meet the Experts: Innovations in Data Governance and Quality

    Informatica is continually innovating to deliver greater value and more intelligent solutions for our customers. Be sure to join us as our data governance and quality product experts share the technical details of our latest capabilities and answer your questions about how you can use them.In this complimentary webinar, you’ll hear from Chris Phillips, Senior Director of Product Management at Informatica:- What’s new and what’s coming next- Best practices for better implementation planning- How we can help you to scale your data governance and quality journey

  • Modernize legacy applications with API and data integration

    You have cloud-first strategy and you are investing in new technologies and applications in the cloud. And you have several legacy applications that still are critical to your business. Often there are business processes that traverse across and between these applications and critical data required by a cloud app may still reside on-premises. How do you modernize your data and applications without ripping and replacing your legacy systems?