• Conférence virtuelle Data Gouvernance

    Découvrez la conférence virtuelle Data Gouvernance d'Informatica pour mettre en place les meilleures stratégies de gouvernance dans votre entreprise, entendre le retour d'expérience du groupe OVH, ainsi que l'expertise du cabinet Deloitte. Reply

  • Reimagine Data Governance: Collaboration, Integration, Automation & More | Informatica

    As organisations are seizing the opportunity to become more agile and enable transformation by intelligently using data, the need to act to defend against being disrupted by market, business, and technology forces has never been greater. With data increasingly becoming a business asset, organisations are looking to more intelligently deliver Data Governance as a way to maximise the value of their data.

  • Key Enablers for Data Governance | Informatica

    As organisations deal with the complexity of the modern data world, the requirements of Data Governance has expanded. The new reality is that the practices of the past do not scale to the requirements of the future. In order to find new ways of leveraging data to drive business benefits, organisations are trying to figure out how to make Data Governance - an enterprise-wide collaborative team sport - work for them. In this webinar, we’ll highlight some of the key enablers required to make it work effectively, and to rapidly deliver sustainable business value.

  • Data Privacy as a Competitive Advantage | Informatica

    In Europe, the GDPR now provides a legal basis for data subjects to gain more control over their personal data. Many organisations have initially responded to the GDPR with the regulators in mind, not the data subjects

  • Enterprise Data Governance – Scale or Fail | Informatica

    This is the second webinar in the three-part Data Governance series. At the heart of a successful Enterprise Data Governance program are people. Some are technical. Some are not. Some are located in the lines of business while others work in IT. Some have a particular view on data policies. Others are likely to disagree. No enterprise data governance program is perfect but in order to scale and be truly enterprise-wide, silos need to be broken.

  • How Intelligent Data Governance Increases KPN’s Value to Customers | Informatica

    Data needs to be a business asset, from the board of directors on down, and the team at KPN took this message to heart. In order to ensure that they could create a valuable experience for their customers, they needed to know what data they had, who was responsible for it, and if it was high quality. Without completing these basic steps they couldn’t consider their data to be valuable.