• Business 360: Master Data Management | Informatica

    A 360-degree view of business is more important than ever. It empowers leaders to accelerate business strategies with trusted data in support of strategic initiatives such as customer experience, supply chain resilience, digital commerce, financial management, and more.

  • Data Management for Customer & Reference | Informatica

    In this session, we’ll build on your knowledge of MDM and dig deeper into how 360 solutions, built on top of an intelligent MDM foundation, reduce risk and implementation timeframes to put trusted customer and reference data in the hands of the business.

  • Preparing for the CCPA With Privacy Governance That Scales | Informatica

    As home to Silicon Valley high tech and the global media capital in Hollywood, California helps lead innovation as the world’s fifth-largest economy. But the state’s citizens also have personal data at risk as they adopt Internet of Things (IoT) devices and share their personal and household information online. As a result, California has also become an innovator in legislation designed to protect personal information privacy, from the early days of SB 1386 for breach notification to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) taking effect in just a few short months from now. Are you prepared to do business with California citizens after January 1, 2020?

  • Reimagining Data Governance: GDPR - The Gloves are off (2/3) | Informatica

    As part of the 'Re-imagining Data Governance - The Key to Privacy by Design' Series. Recent announcements from the Information Commissioner’s Office are a crystal-clear indicator that any “honeymoon period” around GDPR fines and enforcement is clearly over. There is now clear intent to enforce significant penalties when customer data is found to have been compromised. This webinar will look at how you can quickly remove customer data completely from vulnerable Testing and Development systems, and thereby remove any associated concerns associated with breach risk when this data is shared with business partners or moved offshore. We will also look at how production applications can implement a second tier of security around sensitive customer data, and strictly limit who is given visibility in the user community.

  • An Agile Approach to Identity Resolution in Large, Historic Data Sets | Informatica

    To accurately depict a person’s history and interactions for more trusted reporting and analytics, this Federal agency leveraged an Informatica solution to create unique identities. The agency found that it still could not accomplish its consolidated reporting goals due to poor data quality even after doing everything right with a data warehouse. They used an agile approach to resolve 30 years of person-related records from 30 systems into unique identities.

  • Real World Applications of AI in FinServ Customer Data Strategy | Informatica

    There are hidden insights in your data that can help you improve experiences and reduce risk. During this webinar, Informatica experts will share several examples of how Financial Services organizations are improving experiences and reducing risk by leveraging a Customer 360 view to get a better understanding of the individuals they interact with.

  • Why Marketers Should Be Obsessed with Data | Informatica

    Marketers need a customer intelligence system that will help them drive customer engagement, customer loyalty, and advocacy; differentiate from the competition on the ability to understand the customer better. Informatica Customer 360 Insights enables marketers to connect fragmented customer data and create a contextual 360 view to power digital and marketing transformation initiatives.

  • 7 Key Ways You Can Optimize Your Data Quality Practices for Big Data

    Whether the data is big or small, old or new, traditional or modern, on-premises or in the cloud, data quality is key to delivering the kind of analytics, operational reporting, self-service, and governance that your business requires.To be sure you’re realizing the greatest business value from your big data, join Philip Russom of TDWI Research and Donal Dunne of Informatica as they present “7 Key Ways You Can Optimize Your Data Quality Practices for Big Data.”You’ll learn how you can:- Protect the quality of traditional enterprise data- Adjust and optimize your current data quality and data management competencies to big data- Understand technology and business requirements for big data and other new data assets

  • How to Succeed in 2019 as a Data-Driven Company: MDM and Data Quality

    Companies of all sizes going through a digital transformation are relying on a foundation of accurate, complete, and relevant data. With trusted data, they fuel a number of powerful initiatives including customer experience, operational efficiency, and advanced analytics. But, errors in data exist. And when most companies start looking into their data, they realize the data problems are worse than they thought.They look to improve the quality of their data but navigating the options for trusted data solutions can be daunting. In this webinar, Prash Chandramohan and Monica Mullen of Informatica will focus on the outlining the difference between Master Data Management and Data Quality.If you’re trying to build a foundation of trusted data to fuel your digital transformation and want to better understand the tools and their purpose, register for this webinar today to learn more. We’ll share how a trusted source of clean, relevant, and complete data can help you succeed in 2019 as a ...