• Business-Driven Data Governance for Analytics

    Data quality and data governance are critical for successful analytics. Data management expert David Lyle explains how you can create a self-sustaining data governance culture by starting small.

  • Data Transparency With End-to-End Data Lineage on Hadoop from Informatica

    Check out this demo to see how to use Informatica Big Data Edition with Hadoop to get a complete end-to-end data lineage map of the entire data pipeline from sources outside Hadoop being loaded into Hadoop, all data integration, parsing and data quality transformation running on Hadoop and then loading of curated data sets onto data warehouses, analytics tools and operational systems outside Hadoop

  • Contact Data Verification in Marketo with Informatica

    Marketo Champion, Jessica Kao, explains the value of verifying your contact data and the importance of a data quality strategy. Informatica Contact Data Verification is a single solution to verify email, phone, and address data.

  • The Future of Data Integration: Informatica

    Informatica's next-generation data integration processes help data warehouses and analytics systems process more data more cost-effectively in less time to generate greater business value, predictably and quickly.

  • What is Data as a Service? (DaaS)

    Ever wonder what Data as a Service is? Watch this brief video to learn about the new Informatica solution. Improve data quality, enrich contact records, and connect with customers using Informatica Data as a Service.

  • Informatica Chalk Talk: Big Data Analytics

    When designing enterprise architecture to support big data analytics, don’t second-guess the next big thing in big data. Instead, create a big data management strategy that can handle any innovation.

  • Sensitive Data Privacy and Protection

    Informatica's Secure@Source enables organizations to have a continuous and centralized view of the location, protection, proliferation, cost and access of their sensitive data; with automated protection across all data resources and data types.

  • Big Data Management on Amazon Cloud

    Watch this video to learn how Informatica Big Data management helps to solve the “Data Lake on cloud” use case in Amazon ecosystem followed by a demo.