• Informatica Big Data Security

    By evaluating sensitive data’s location, protection, volume, proliferation, use, and value, organizations can create a risk-based view to help prioritize security investments and focus their data protection resources and processes.

  • Blaze Data Management Engine

    Informatica's Blaze is the industry’s unique data processing engine integrated with YARN to provide intelligent data pipelining, job partitioning, job recovery, and scaling, which is optimized to deliver high performance data processing leveraging Informatica’s propriety cluster awaredata integration technology.

  • The State of Data Security Intelligence

    Why are we so vulnerable? Data security and privacy challenge organizations. Billions have been spent on security software and hardware; but only 6% of organizations know where all the sensitive data resides. With the inevitability of a data breach, internal or external, organizations need to focus on understanding and protecting their sensitive data.

  • How to Avoid the Top 5 Big Data Challenges

    Sr. Director of Big Data Product Marketing John Haddad blogged in July 2014 about his take on the top five big data challenges organizations face today and offered strategies to solve them. This brief is based on those blog posts.

  • Is Your Approach to Multidomain Master Data Management Upside-Down?

    Some master data management (MDM) technologies have created a misperception in the market that MDM is designed to solve only a single business problem. This could not be further from the truth. Fundamentally, MDM is designed to solve multiple complex business problems across business units, departments, divisions, and regions—eliminating the need to create a unique MDM solution for each business problem.