• Data Validation Option Foundation

    Today’s enterprise data integration efforts demand a high performance, scalable data validation technology to ensure business rules are validated and data movement is complete and accurate. The Data Validation Option Foundation engagement enables you to accelerate the effective deployment of the Data Validation Option (DVO) within your enterprise to quickly deliver value to your data integration efforts.

  • Enterprise Data Preparation JumpStart

    The key to unlocking value from a marketing data lake is to give data analysts and data scientists the ability to quickly and iteratively analyze the raw data, augmented with enterprise data, so they can look for “gold nuggets” that deliver new insights.

  • Data Engineering Integration JumpStart

    Informatica’s Data Engineering Integration JumpStart provides you with expert support to quickly start your project with the right architecture and installation – to help you succeed at every stage of your intelligent data engineering journey.

  • Enterprise Data Catalog JumpStart

    Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog JumpStart provides you with expert guidance on your product architecture, installation and configuration – to help you succeed at every stage of your Enterprise Data Catalog journey.

  • Big Data Management Foundation

    Informatica Big Data Management allows customers to quickly leverage the power of Hadoop without the need for a hand coded solution. This area of technology innovation is quickly evolving with new product capabilities and newly discovered use cases which are rapidly impacting nearly every industry.

  • Data Governance Quick Start

    The Data Governance Quick Start is for the Data Governance Leader that needs support from a proven industry leader to help plan a Data Governance program and accelerate time to value for a specific enterprise initiative.

  • Data Governance for Financial Services

    Informatica’s Data Governance Consulting Service for the Financial Services industry provides the resources to develop an agile, sustainable, business-driven Data Governance strategy.

  • Data Security Discovery

    This short standardized Informatica Data Security Discovery engagement provides the technical foundation as well as the basic Data Security solution knowledge that customers will need to ensure maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. The goal is to set the customer towards detecting and protecting sensitive data in their environments. This offering provides a powerful platform to identify, analyze, detect, and monitor sensitive data risks

  • Data Security Express

    This Data Security express engagement is designed to assist customers with an initial implementation of Informatica Data Security and provide the technical knowledge needed to deploy the same more broadly throughout the enterprise. It is intended to serve as a pilot engagement focused on a handful of data stores for sensitive data discovery, and a single application towards masking, while outlining key processes and best practices to be used for future applications

  • Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners JumpStart

    Our Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners JumpStart will help to further accelerate enterprise data cataloging and governance initiatives in your organization. Our expert consulting team will work directly with you to enable Advanced Scanner capabilities and show you how to scan new data sources and automatically deliver missing critical metadata to your EDC catalog and data lineage.

  • Intelligent Data Engineering Discovery

    Data engineering is the underpinning of how companies are revolutionizing customer engagement, driving productivity and fueling innovation. It has emerged as a megatrend that is continuing to gain attention. Informatica provides integrated data management solutions to quickly and holistically integrate, govern, and secure data for your business.

  • Intelligent Data Engineering Express

    With this Express offering the Informatica Professional Services team will assist you in reviewing your data challenges to ensure that current technology features are matched to meet your data engineering requirements.

  • Cloud Data Integration JumpStart

    With our Cloud Data Integration JumpStart start your projects by allowing our experts create your integrations for you. Our Cloud Data Integration JumpStart will help you accelerate your development by having end to end integration tasks fully configured between two of your systems

  • Data Governance Discovery

    Our experienced Professional Services consultants will work with you to customize a DG program to your organization’s structure, culture and technical maturity. We will show you how other organizations have succeeded in designing a ‘right-sized’ Data Governance program, and provide the tools that will support all your business and data stakeholders

  • Data Governance Express

    With this Express offering, the Informatica Professional Services team will assess your readiness, strategy and architecture to rapidly deploy Axon in the most effective way possible. We will establish a comprehensive program framework with recommended best practices, and provide accelerated time-to-value in empowering your data stakeholders and sharing their understanding of data resources through the use of Axon.

  • Master Data Management Discovery

    Master Data Management (MDM) is a business discipline comprised of a broad range of technology, people and process factors. Informatica has implemented MDM for hundreds of companies. Based on our years of project experience, we have developed a standard foundation offering to fast-track the Project Discovery process.