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  • Big Data Management For Dummies

    Read “Big Data Management For Dummies” and learn to create big data projects that deliver clean, governed, and secure data.

  • Data-Centric Security

    A vision of security for the new age of data, data-centric security protects the data itself – rather than just the endpoints, networks, and applications it moves between

  • The Marketo Manager’s Guide to Verifying Customer Data

    Successful marketers understand that ongoing attention to maintaining trusted contact data is key to ensuring optimal engagement with customers and prospects. That’s why they leverage contact data verification within Marketo. In this eBook, we’ll explain how you can do the same in just a few simple steps.

  • The Contact Data Enrichment Checklist

    It takes accurate contact data to deliver the best customer experiences. It’s why the most effective marketers make sure their contact data is verified and enriched. In this checklist, we’ll show you how to do that in three simple steps.

  • The Dark Data Imperative

    Dark data that’s stored but unused is one of the biggest opportunities facing enterprises today. Learn why you need to shine a light on hidden data.

  • A Quick Guide to Verifying Customer Data

    Strategies for verifying every email, phone number, and postal address in your database,A step-by-step guide to getting trusted, relevant, and actionable contact data.

  • The Marketing Data Lake

    A story of how one data-driven marketing team tackled today’s most critical marketing challenge—to answer the simplest questions about leads and revenue.