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Become familiar with the essential terminology and concepts necessary to understand what goes into a IDD implementation. Walk through the Configuration Manager which is used to build IDD Applications and presented the steps needed to edit the configuration files necessary to customize the IDD user interface.

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This is an onDemand training course with Labs. Course Content is available for 90 days after purchase. Labs are launched separately from the course. After Activation, Labs will expire 4 weeks after Activation if not consumed.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Describe the terms and concepts around Master Data, Master Data Management, and Data Governance.

Introduce IDD as a data governance application above the Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition.

Create an IDD application and configure the application-level properties for the application.

Define the source system used by the IDD application as trusted.

Create Subject Areas and Subject Area Groups.

Relate Base Object relationships with Subject Area relationships.

Distinguish between the three dropdown lookup definitions.

Utilize MDM Hub cleanse functions from within an IDD application.

Export bulk master data from based on a search result into flat files (CSV files) using an IDD application.

Import data from flat files (CSV and XLSX files) into the MDM Hub using an IDD application.

Describe the search functionality available from within an IDD application.

Utilize Fuzzy columns in the MDM Hub from within an IDD application.

Utilize Match Rules functionality in the MDM Hub from within an IDD application.

Configure an IDD application to access Hierarchy Manager in the MDM Hub using the Hierarchy View.

Define a workflow in IDD to create or edit, assign users to, and approve or reject tasks in a business process.

Define security filters on workflow tasks in IDD.

Explain base object- and task-level security in Security Access Manager.

Identify IDD-specific resource security in an IDD application.

Create a localized version of the IDD application user-interface using Message and Metadata Bundle files.

Configure Help files in the IDD application.

Add charts to the IDD Dashboard.

Apply User Interface Extensions to an IDD application

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