PowerCenter: Developer, Level 2 - Instructor Led

  • Instructor Led
  • Data Integration
  • 4 Days

This course extends the skills and knowledge of experienced PowerCenter developers by exploring advanced topics with extended labs covering PowerCenter connection architecture, high availability, and session and workflow recovery. Additional transformations are introduced including the SQL transformation, transaction control with and without the Transaction Control transformatio. This course is applicable to software version 10.

Course Overview & Agenda


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Understand the Informatica PowerCenter architecture

Determine the structure and use of PowerCenter Parameter Files

Implement user-defined and advanced functions

Normalize and Denormalize data using PowerCenter

Use the Lookup transformation in Dynamic mode

Call a SQL stored procedure from a PowerCenter mapping

Create and configure a SQL transformation and its two modes of use

Design error handling strategies appropriate for the intended purpose of a workflow

Make use of the PowerCenter source-based, target-based, and user-based transaction control

Utilize constraint-based loading in databases with referential integrity constraints

Use the Transaction Control transformation for data-driven RDBMS transaction control

Determine the proper use of built-in and optional, mapping-design recovery capabilities

Build batch files that use PMCMD and PMREP command line programs

Apply PowerCenter Performance Tuning Methodology

Describe the effect of mapping design on performance and apply these design principles to a mapping

Calculate how much memory a session uses and tune session-level memory

Apply partitions, distribute the data and optimize the CPU memory usage

Target Audience


Available Languages



Understanding of RDBMS concepts

Knowledge of SQL

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