Almaviva Spa

Platinum System Integrator | Reseller 

AlmavivA is synonymous with technological innovation. Proven experience, unique skills, ongoing research and in-depth knowledge of a range of public and private market sectors are what make it the leading Italian Group in Information & Communications Technology. With 45,000 employees - 12,000 in Italy and 33,000 abroad - AlmavivA is the 6th private Italian Group in terms of employees worldwide and the 3rd based on business management, recording a turnover in 2015 of Euro 709 million. AlmavivA operates globally, with 38 offices in Italy and 21 abroad. It has a significant presence in Brazil, and is also operational in the United States, China, Colombia, Tunisia, Romania and Brussels, the nerve centre of the EU.
The business plan is characterized by a strong internationalisation strategy; 70% of the client base is international. The mission of the Group is to create exceptional technological solutions that are able to develop the systems and the operating processes of private companies and government organizations and to improve service levels in a constantly changing market, also in terms of operational continuity, privacy and data security.




Europe, Middle East & Africa: Italy


2015 EMEA Partner Excellence Award Winner for Cloud Modernization 5