Hadoop Connector

Build a Hadoop-based data lake and empower your analytics team to unlock big data insights.


Easily load data into Hadoop clusters

One of the biggest challenges getting a Hadoop project off the ground is loading data into a cluster. With the Informatica Cloud connector for Hadoop, a variety of large datasets can be moved from any data source into a newly provisioned Hadoop cluster.

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Analyze data across multiple Salesforce orgs

Enterprise companies that have invested in the cloud typically have multiple Salesforce orgs to serve the needs of diverse business units. When enterprises want to assess potential cross-selling synergies, they must analyze massive amounts of customer transaction and interaction data within Hadoop clusters. With Informatica Cloud support for Salesforce and several variants of Hadoop, you can significantly reduce your time to deployment.



Easily create and manage data lakes

A data lake allows you to minimize silos and process data with very little friction in a scalable, distributed environment. This sort of environment is ideal for massive amounts of social media data that can help paint a more complete picture of your customers and target audience. Informatica Cloud connectors for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Chatter, when combined with the Hadoop connector, allow you to make the most of your data assets.

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Improve ROI of Hadoop deployments

Hadoop allows you to perform broad exploratory analysis of several data sources within your company to identify trends. SaaS data changes more frequently than other types of data, and capturing these changes for deeper analyses can offer your organization a great deal of value. With connector coverage for the most popular SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo, Workday, NetSuite, Zuora, and more, the ROI of your Hadoop analytics projects vastly increases.