Informatica IT Certification

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Informatica Certification is more than just a piece of paper. Certification exams measure not only knowledge, but also real deployment skills, ensuring that Informatica Certified Professionals (ICP) know exactly how to deliver a successful project. Earning ICP certification helps you as an IT professional establish credibility with both your employer and the greater IT industry.

These rigorous exams focus on not only your Informatica skills and capabilities, but also on your performance and the outcomes of your Informatica product implementations. They have been developed by recognized subject matter experts to measure competencies in tasks by role and to provide clear expectations of requirements and key factors for success. Exams deliver a consistent measurement and validation of the skills needed to ensure a successful implementation and maximum return on your Informatica technology investment.

Certification Programs

B2B Data Exchange Certification

Measure your understanding of data exchange architecture and components.

PowerCenter Data Integration Certification

Prove your data governance, data migration, and enterprise data warehousing expertise.

Data Quality Certification

Test your ability to proactively monitor and cleanse data, and empower your business to share responsibility for data quality and governance.

Data Security Certification

Certify your ability to handle every phase of the data lifecycle, from data growth to legacy systems and applications, to test data and sensitive data.

Master Data Management Certification

Improve operations and learn best practices for configuring the Informatica MDM Hub.

Informatica Big Data Certification

Become certified in Big Data learning how to start extracting real business value from big data as an Informatica Certified Specialist.