Informatica Cloud for Your ICC

To build the next-generation Integration Competency Center (ICC), you need the right integration platform to achieve the eventual goal of “Lean Integration.” Lean Integration is a concept that mirrors the “just-in-time” (JIT) manufacturing principles of the automotive industry. With JIT manufacturing, the necessary components to assemble a car are sourced throughout the supply chain and brought onto the factory floor just before they are needed, thus minimizing the amount of time a worker has to wait for the necessary part. Lean Integration transforms organizational processes and relies on leading-edge technology for automation and reuse to systematically reduce costs and accelerate delivery. 

The objectives of cloud application integration are one and the same as Lean Integration:

  • Eliminate waste
  • Increase value for end-user customers
  • Drive continuous improvement

Informatica Cloud is the multi-tenant and on-demand Lean Integration platform that lets you empower more resources to manage data integration projects as part of your ICC. It enables faster development cycles, or “scrum”- style integration development, and maximizes the ROI of your Informatica investment.



c09-cloud-integration-reference-architecture Cloud integration reference architecture following the Lean Integration model.


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