Nodes SrL

Gold System Integrator | Reseller 

Nodes, leader in the design of systems for monitoring, measuring and improving data quality, provides to its customers solutions, expertise and products to support the creation of “enterprise” systems such as CRM, MDM, Customer Care, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, Data Exploration Systems.

Our solutions enable customers to:

  • Provide a single, integrated and coordinated view of the data from the various application silos.
  • Identify the parameters and levels of data quality that best match to different contexts.
  • Reduce costs, often not obvious, the “non-quality”, which may find expression in terms of turnover reduction, customer’s trust reduction, increased risk.
  • Implement Master Data Management solutions to manage the strategic assets of an organization, integrating them with innovative technologies that contribute to the creation of value (e.g. Big Data).
  • Transform information about people and things in the descriptive models of “identity,” which can be managed in a more complete and pervasive business processes, such as marketing, communication and sales of products.




Europe, Middle East & Africa: Italy