Data Archive
Advanced Edition

Provides long-term retention management, keyword search, and access capabilities for structured data.

Accommodates both production and retired databases with extreme compression, data visualization and access, and compliance management capabilities

Consolidate data across source applications—whether mainframe or relational databases—into a single, unified archive. Data Archive Advanced Edition expands on all the key features of Data Archive Standard Edition with additional capabilities to archive data from the widest range of source applications to a highly optimized, immutable file archive with integrated data retention and disposition management.

Key benefits include the ability to:
  • Significantly reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs with industry-leading compression
  • Gain efficiencies with a standardized archive platform supporting enterprise needs
  • Maintain compliance with integrated data-retention and disposition management
  • Maintain access to archive data using native data visualization capabilities or leverage existing reporting tools data
  • Support e-discovery with highly searchable archive data

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