Application Retirement

De-commission legacy applications to reduce maintenance and infrastructure costs while ensuring reporting access and audit compliance.

When legacy systems no longer support current business processes, they become an increasing liability.

Without an application retirement program, redundant legacy systems consume valuable IT resources, diminishing your ability to invest in modernized infrastructure and applications.

Application Retirement safely archives legacy application data for long-term storage while retaining reporting access and enforcing retention management policies. The solution provides a centralized, secure, and highly compressed archive data store with integrated compliance management capabilities for legal hold and defensible disposition.

Application Retirement enables a comprehensive, enterprise-wide program that includes the ability to:
  • Rationalize application portfolios
  • Consolidate data across numerous legacy applications into a single, consolidated archive
  • Maintain secure access to retired data for business reporting, e-discovery, and audit purposes
  • Automate the enforcement of data retention, data disposal, and legal holds


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