• Deloitte and Informatica team to deliver Master Data Management to US Regional Banking Corporation

    Today, retail banks should go beyond providing “customer-friendly” service to offering “customer-centric” solutions. A US Regional Banking Corporation wanted to transform to a customer-centric model to help increase and retain its existing customer base, to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and to enhance the overall customer experience. In order to achieve an effective transformation, the bank needed to look at its data management and CRM systems.

  • Informatica MDM-Product 360

    MDM - Product 360 is the Informatica product information management (PIM) solution fueled by master data. Designed for business users, it enables intuitive and effective management of product content by streamlining workflows and collaboration.

  • Informatica MDM Product 360 v8 Brochure

    Product 360 provides retailers, distributors, manufacturers and companies in other verticals such as automotive with an end-to-end, transparent process along the product information supply chain.

  • Turning Data into Insights Information Management with Deloitte and Informatica

    Organizations that can access the information they need, when they need it – and trust its accuracy – will likely have the upper hand in the marketplace. The quality of your data and the ease with which it can be examined can determine the success (or failure) of your most important business decisions. The Deloitte and Informatica alliance has helped hundreds of joint clients achieve tangible business value by turning their data into insights

  • Amgen

    Helping More Patients. Faster. How Amgen Personalizes Care with Master Data Driven Insights.

  • Bouwmaat

    Bouwmaat is considered one of the leading building materials dealers in the Netherlands. The company moved to a multichannel strategy that allows all customers to purchase products online. Success relies on optimized processes and product information management software that feeds up-to-date and well organized information on all products, from a single source, to all of the different sales channels.

  • Citrix Customer Story

    Citrix uses Informatica solutions to gain complete customer insight on all products

  • Covéa

    Covéa Rebuilds Its Customer Reference Database with MDM Hub.

  • De Mandemakers Group

    De Mandemakers Group Leverages Product Data to Build a Superior Customer Experience