• ActiveVOS: Fundamentals - onDemand

    Discover best practices and techniques needed to implement standards-based composite applications using ActiveVOS. Included in this review are the basic skills needed to design, develop, test, deploy, and monitor new business processes in ActiveVOS.

  • Identity Resolution: Administration - Public Classroom

    Discover the administration side of Informatica Identity Resolution systems consisting of maintenance, use and operations. Review the IIR installation, product overview, configuration, system creation, operations and basic tuning.

  • Informatica Learning Library - Subscription

    Register for one year access to all onDemand training; Informatica’s catalog of self-paced classes that blend engaging multimedia and simulations that enable you to learn about using Informatica products, supplement your existing skills or download tips and tricks from our growing library. The purchase of this subscription includes 60 lab hours for exercises where you can practice lab exercises, keep your skills fresh or try out new ideas inspired from course learning.

  • Informatica MasterPass Education Subscription

    The Informatica MasterPass Education Subscription is your access to any and all official Informatica education public events and courses. Develop your expertise across the Informatica platform to become a true master of enterprise data management and intelligent disruption. This annual subscription program entitles a single individual to attend any public class in the world and access to any onDemand or eLearning course during their subscription. It is a true 24x7 education program for the individual intent on developing their ability and career to the level of Subject Matter Master.

  • MDM: Configuring Informatica Data Director (onDemand)

    This course is an overview of the Master Data Management concept using the Informatica MDM Data Director tool. It will cover essential terminology and concepts used for developing the IDD applications which are necessary to understand what goes into an IDD implementation. This course is applicable to software version 10.1.

  • MDM: Multidomain Edition Configuration - onDemand

    Discover the skills necessary to configure a data model and business rules in Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition (MDM Hub) for a given data model and set of business rules. Through extensive hands-on labs and exercises, students to gain confidence in the use of MDM console.

  • MDM 10.1: Configuring Informatica Data Director - Instructor Led

    Applicable for version 10.x users. Evaluate the concept of Master Data Management using the Informatica MDM Data Director tool, and the essential terminologies/concepts used for developing the IDD applications. These concepts are necessary to understand what goes into an IDD implementation and introduces the users to the fundamental capabilities of the IDD user interface.

  • MDM: Using Informatica Data Director

    Applicable for version 10.x users. This course provides business users, such as Data Stewards, with the knowledge and skills needed to manage the data in a master reference store using Informatica Business Data Director. This class is taught using a generic sample BDD Application and data model.

  • MDM- Managing Master Data - Instructor Led

    Learn the concepts of master data management and manage the master data through a business entity driven data director application. Gain skills to define search queries, perform cleanse mechanism, build and manage hierarchies, and workflows. This course is applicable for version 10.4.

  • MDM Multidomain 10.1: Developer, Specialist Certification

    This course is applicable to software version 10.1. This exam measures your competency as a member of a project implementation team. You should be able to explain and identify the MDM product architecture, and to configure its main components including cleanse engine, match server, data governance tools and workflows.

  • MDM: Multidomain and Hierarchy Configuration - Instructor Led

    This course is applicable to software version 10.4.0. Gain the skills necessary to configure a data model and implement business rules in Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition (MDM Hub). Learn the fundamental aspects of an MDM implementation and options for extending product capabilities. Using Hierarchy Manager, create and edit Base Objects, Entity Base Objects, Hierarchies, Relationship BOs, and create packages and profiles.

  • MDM Product 360 8.x: Advanced Export - onDemand

    Learn to leverage Product 360 export functionality to support organizational web interface requirements in this process oriented class. Through a series of demonstrations and exercises, students review specifications, design/develop multi file export templates, develop a preview template for product review and create a data quality report for content validation applied during an export.

  • MDM Product 360: Media Manager - onDemand

    This course focuses on the maintenance of images, pipelines, Data Quality workflows, derivative workflows, external preview generation, setting access levels, and the Media Manager integration with Product 360 (formerly PIM) in detail. Through a series of demonstrations and hands on practice labs, learn to configure various workflows, previews, pipelines, and access levels.