• Big Data Adoption Success Pack

    Informatica’s Big Data Adoption Success Pack provides you with expert support to quickly start your project with the right architecture and installation – to help you succeed at every stage of your Big Data journey.

  • Enterprise Data Preparation Success Pack

    The key to unlocking value from a marketing data lake is to give data analysts and data scientists the ability to quickly and iteratively analyze the raw data, augmented with enterprise data, so they can look for “gold nuggets” that deliver new insights.

  • Big Data for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    If pharmaceutical companies cannot reduce data management overhead they risk drowning in excessive data. The paper discusses how Life Science companies that wish to be competitive in a world that is rapidly expanding ‘beyond the pill’ can implement capabilities to quickly find relevant data to inform new initiatives or power new solutions and business models.

  • Big Data Management For Dummies

    Big data is vital to driving business innovations and operational efficiencies. Yet companies struggle to make big data projects pay off. Understand the principles of big data management so you can deliver big data that is clean, governed, and secure.

  • Bloor: Managing Data Lakes

    Learn how to optimize your data lake for productivity, collaboration, TCO, and ROI with Bloor's Managing Data Lakes report.