NEW MDM Application Design

  • Instructor Led
  • Master Data Management
  • 4 Days

Explore the skills required to configure a data director application through the provisioning tool. In addition to defining the core business entity components, you will learn to configure customized user interface components and role-based access to the entities. This course is applicable to version 10.4.

Course Overview & Agenda


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Describe MDM Tool spectrum

Create business and reference entities

Configure relationships between entities

Define standard and extended search queries

Perform file import and export

Define and manage hierarchies and networks

Perform file import and export

Define role-based access to business entities

Configure custom user interfaces specific to business entities

Manage and create master data through the data director application

Enrich, cleanse, and standardize data

Merge duplicate business entities

Deploy ElasticSearch

Manage master data as a team through the BPM workflows

Customize the Customer 360 data model

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MDM: Multidomain Edition Configuration (onDemand)

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