Data-Driven Disruption in
Elementary and Secondary Education

Provide Equal Access to Education, Within Budget

To meet their educational mission, K-12 organizations must ensure that all students have equal access to educational opportunities—with always-on resources available in the classroom, at home, or wherever students want to learn. School districts also must deliver innovative educational experiences. To make this vision a reality, K-12 organizations must maximize existing resources and seek additional funds to deploy new educational innovations such as cloud solutions, high-speed broadband, and 5G.

Disconnected legacy data warehouses and data lakes prevent organizations from ingesting huge volumes of data, managing its growth, finding and fixing data quality issues, and making data accessible to users. You need a solution that offers modern cloud data warehousing and data lake capabilities, so that information access is transparent and easy for students and staff. What’s more, the data should be centralized and well-governed so you know it is trustworthy. Informatica provides market-leading cloud-based solutions that serve as a foundation for delivering exceptional educational opportunities, within budget.


Deliver a Personalized Educational Experience for Each Student

The current generation of students are digital natives. They and their parents, the stakeholders of today’s K-12 educational organizations, expect personalized, highly interactive digital education. They also need accommodations for issues such as physical and intellectual disabilities, giftedness, transportation issues, proximity challenges, or homeschooling preferences. The only way to identify these students and their needs—and deliver the appropriate curriculum–is to achieve a true 360-degree view of students.

Informatica’s Customer 360 and other master data management (MDM) solutions help elementary and secondary educational institutions create a single source of truth, with trust and at scale, so that schools can communicate knowledgeably, precisely, and in a timely way. Using AI and machine learning, the solutions correlate data from varied sources so you get a complete view of each student and their families, helping you serve students efficiently and effectively.

Ensure Student Data Privacy

Student information is increasingly targeted by hackers, thieves, and ransomware. Protecting sensitive student data is an increasing challenge for K-12 educational organizations—as data threats increase and the complexity of protecting growing data volumes exceeds the in-house expertise of most school districts. Growing data volumes and increasingly complex federal, national, and state privacy laws make data protection a difficult challenge for educational organizations.

One-off products and tools are not enough. You need a true enterprise-class data privacy solution—one that can meet the needs of your educational organization and IT team. Informatica offers comprehensive data privacy solutions that employ AI, data cataloging, and a seamless automated platform. Together these features enable the holistic management of data privacy, boosting your ability to protect student data.

Enhance Decision Making Through Data-Driven Insights

Educational organizations work with an increasingly complex mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructures, legacy systems, mobile applications, and edge devices. Organizations also must manage a diverse collection of data sources and feeds. To gain maximum value from their data assets, educational institutions must develop a systematic approach to collecting, managing, and cleansing student and operational data. They also need modern analytics solutions that derive insights from trusted data.

The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform helps educational organizations take data to the next level. With this solution, you can aggregate, clean, catalog, govern, and master your data, creating trusted data that supports analytics efforts. It uses AI and machine learning technologies to automate previously manual tasks so you can extract maximum value from data. By integrating and managing data in a modular platform, the solution helps school districts deliver real-time actionable intelligence so they can improve decision making.


Comply with Data Governance Mandates

K-12 districts are facing a growing number of regulatory mandates and data governance initiatives. School districts must align with strategic policy guidance around initiatives such as the Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency (GREAT) Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and state-level mandates.

A new generation of more intuitive data governance tools makes it easier for institutions to ensure data is current, accurate, and complete. By improving data management, quality, governance, and protection through automation, Informatica data governance solutions can minimize the risk of non-compliance and help K-12 organizations deliver quantifiable value through data-driven outcomes.

How Informatica Can Help

Informatica has served the K-12 educational market for many years and works with leading school districts and education providers. We understand the immense pressures that education providers are under to modernize and innovate— while simultaneously reducing costs, becoming more efficient, and providing personalized student services. Analytics powered by reliable, trustworthy data is the engine that will help drive this industry transformation.

We invite you to explore all that Informatica has to offer—and unleash the power of data to drive your next intelligent transformation.

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