Authentication Alternatives

We offer two models for developers to integrate authentication into applications which leverage the Web Services. Whether you need to authenticate within a SOAP header, or authenticate via parameter inside of the Web service method, we give you the flexibility to best fit your coding environment.

Authentication Passed in Soap Headers

You can easily include authentication within the SOAP headers for your applications too.

To use this authentication model, simply use the WSDL that is listed on each Product Information page.

For example,

Authentication Passed as a Parameter within the Method

For situations where you want to authenticate using the parameters of a method, we created a simple way to convert base WSDLs to accommodate this code.

To use this authentication model, simply replace the “ws” in the WSDL with “wsparam“. The WSDL is listed on each Product Information page.
For example,

    • US Address Verification: http://ws.strikeiron.com/USAddressVerification5?WSDL

is replaced by:


This method currently works for all of our Web Services.

This method is not currently supported within Live Data for Excel. Please check back often as we are working on adding this feature in the near future. In addition, Classic ASP will not support authentication outside of the SOAP Headers, however this authentication model is supported for ASP.NET.


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