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Enterprise IT data management needs have gained strategic importance in today’s IT organizations. Because of that, the need to quickly identify the products, solutions, and services that are needed to improve the productivity and reliability of an organization’s data integration environment has become paramount to its success.

As a developer or administrator, one of your biggest challenges is the lack of time. Whether you are taking on a new integration project or performing everyday tasks, you have the continual pressure of deadlines to get the job done. Although there aren’t any quick fixes, there is help.

The Informatica Marketplace offers a rich network of free and paid apps and add-ons, including connectors, mappings, utilities, templates, and services, to help you jump-start your Informatica Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data, or Cloud projects. We have established relationships with hundreds of partners and developers who have contributed thousands of solutions that augment, extend, or enhance Informatica’s offerings, enabling you to:

  • Speed your time to deployment
  • Lower the cost of ownership
  • Significantly improve productivity

Don’t build a solution from scratch; find it on the Informatica Marketplace.


Featured Apps & Services

MetaQuery: PowerCenter Repository Reports

Free download lets you query for key properties such as session, workflow, mapping, and transformation objects.

PowerCenter Express: On-Demand Workshop

This free workshop quickly teaches ETL concepts and the most commonly used PowerCenter Express Transformations.

Bundle: PowerCenter Script Files

Free download of 25 Unix/Windows scripts lets you efficiently maintain your environment and improve your productivity overnight.

Bundle: PowerCenter Advanced Workflow Techniques

Free download of workflows lets you automate and simplify workflow techniques and implementations.

PowerCenter Express

Our PowerCenter Express ETL tool is one of the best data integration and profiling tools available. Download for free today.

Big Data Trial Sandbox for Cloudera

Download a 60-day trial that bundles PowerCenter Big Data Edition running in a Cloudera 5 single-node virtual machine.

Big Data Trial Sandbox for Hortonworks

Download a 60-day trial that bundles PowerCenter Big Data Edition running in a Hortonworks 2.1 single-node virtual machine.

Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data

Collect all forms of streaming data for both real-time and batch processing technologies. Download for free.


Marketplace Malls

Data Integration

Reduce project development, consolidation, and migration time with pre-built mappings, connectors, workflow samples, and utilities.

Data Quality

Effectively govern your data with reusable best practices, health checks, pattern alerts, dashboards, and geo-specific accelerators.

Master Data Management

Organize master data with industry data models, accelerators and adapters for FSI, Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Pharma, and Life Sciences.

Big Data

Test-drive next-generation analytics software and meet your big data project needs with pre-built connectors and big data solutions.


Extend your Informatica Cloud capabilities with the latest connectors, templates, and services.

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