Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes is a Minnesota-based agricultural cooperative composed of more than 4,300 producers and members, organized around three core businesses: a Dairy Foods business producing butter, cheese, and dairy products for consumers, an animal feed business providing nutrition for racehorses and other animals (in part under the acquired Purina brand), and WinField, a seed business selling seeds and services like crop protection consultancy that help agriculture retailers compete.

“We’re not necessarily looking for what’s best in the next quarter. We’re looking for long-term benefits over the months and years ahead. So we want stable and flexible technologies that are right for the long run for Land O’Lakes.”

Garrett Robertson

Application Delivery Manager, Land O’Lakes
Business Need
  • Create actionable insights for sales teams
  • Move away from hardware upgrades, patching and software upgrades
  • Improve ability to quickly access reliable data
  • Capture activity data from website campaigns and other sources and translate it into actionable sales leads
  • Evolve away from investing in server hardware, patching and upgrading traditional software
  • Develop analytics and dashboards that bring immediate business value to their employees and partners
Solutions & Results
  • Improved understanding of partners and customers through deeper, data-driven visibility
  • Saved money, labor and time as data moves more quickly and reliably
  • Increased time to get valuable insight and information into the right hands
  • Streamlined and standardized skill sets

Products & Services

Informatica Cloud

A family of cloud data integration solutions specifically designed to help SaaS application and platform customers integrate cloud-based data with the data residing in on-premise databases and systems or between cloud applications.

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