Top-Rated HealthCare Provider 


This Top-Rated HealthCare Provider provides health plan administrative and management services including claims, customer service, network development, outcomes research, and disease/care management for four health care plans.

“Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog shows us what data we have, and Axon Data Governance provides the business glossary that tells us what it means. Both are essential to our population health efforts to drive better patient care.”

Chief Data Officer

Top-Rated HealthCare Provider
Business Need
  • Streamline administrative efforts of data management by using a single vendor for data cataloging, governance, quality and MDM
  • Master multiple data domains, including providers and patients, to create a 360-view
  • Facilitate ease of use for non-technical data stewards by presenting data lineage in understandable business terms
  • Deliver health outcomes through intelligent data governance and data democratization, enabling analytics teams to drive better results in overall patient care
  • Improve the quality and the timeliness of patient data and reporting to physicians and hospitals to help close gaps in patient care
  • Provide the best possible care to patient members and service to physician providers with fast access to their data
Solutions & Results
  • Implement an enterprise wide data governance program while collaboratively defining stakeholders, processes, policies and a comprehensive glossary leveraging Informatica Axon Data Governance Automatically discover and inventory healthcare data enterprise-wide with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog
  • Delivers patient care by making population health efforts more effective, using analytics based on clear business definitions Empowers employees to provide timelier and more responsive service by giving them easy access to democratized trusted healthcare data
  • Use Informatica Multidomain MDM and Informatica Data Quality to master physician provider data to feed data warehouse and applications with trusted, high quality data
  • Improves the quality of provider data, enabling this HealthCare Provider to get the right information to the right care provider at the right time
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Products & Services

Axon Data Governance

Power collaboration, enable regulatory compliance and deliver trusted data to fuel all of your business initiatives.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Discover and inventory data assets across your organization.

Data Quality

Deliver high-quality clean and trusted data with enterprise-class data quality and governance that scales, regardless of size and format of data; platform; or technology.

Master Data Management

Maximize the business value of your enterprise information with a modular end-to-end solution delivering a unified view of all your master data.

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

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