Informatica Expands Its Intelligent Data Management Cloud with Innovations Led by CLAIRE GPT, Industry’s First Generative AI-Powered Data Management Platform

Other announcements include increased specialization of its flagship IDMC platform for ESG and breakthrough cloud modernization acceleration program

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 9, 2023Informatica® (NYSE: INFA), an enterprise cloud data management leader, announced significant product developments for its Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) at Informatica World 2023, its annual conference underway in Las Vegas.

IDMC capabilities have expanded to include more services in the areas of data engineering, including replication, ingestion, ELT, and data observability with quality. The innovations will empower a broader ecosystem of data users through next-generation intelligence and automation, and new and expanded data management cloud services.

Other key announcements planned for release in the second half of 2023 include:

Simpler, faster, more accessible data management with CLAIRE GPT, which is part of IDMC and will be the industry's first generative AI-powered data management platform with advanced AI copilot capabilities.
CLAIRE, Informatica's enterprise-scale AI engine, is the foundational layer that powers its individual data management solutions and its integrated IDMC platform. With more than 50,000 metadata-aware connections that leverage 23 petabytes of metadata, IDMC processes 54 trillion monthly transactions for customers. CLAIRE GPT is the next generation, a generative AI-powered version that will bring the advancements of a natural language-based interface to IDMC, dramatically simplifying and accelerating how enterprises consume, process, manage, and analyze data. With CLAIRE GPT, enterprises will be able to optimize data management and drive greater productivity, foster deeper data democratization and self-service, and integrate in-context data experience at the point of consumption. CLAIRE GPT will be available as a native IDMC service in the second half of 2023.

"We are excited to expand our end-to-end IDMC platform with transformative new capabilities to enable our customers to drive significant automation, comply with critical regulations, and move to the cloud quicker, all while enabling higher levels of security. said Amit Walia, Chief Executive Officer at Informatica. By harnessing the latest in generative AI advancements, we are once again radically transforming enterprise data management. With CLAIRE GPT, we anticipate experienced data users, such as engineers, analysts, and scientists, will realize up to 80 percent reduction in time spent on key data management tasks.

In conjunction with CLAIRE GPT, Informatica will extend its CLAIRE copilot capabilities to automate more data management tasks and processes and provide greater observability across data. Previously, with CLAIRE's support, users could automate certain functions such as data governance, data quality, generation of data pipelines, master data management, the discovery of redundant datasets, and customer data organization. Now, new AI copilot capabilities include generated classifications with no manual inputs, inferred data lineage, multi-column completeness analysis, and automapping.

"We are entering an era of intelligent automation, and everything is about to change. This new era is being built on a new platform, not one made of silicon, but one that is changing our relationship with data," said Stewart Bond, research vice president for Data Intelligence and Integration Software research at IDC. "Acceleration of Generative AI is ushering us into this new era, and organizations that do not embrace it will be left behind. Informatica's CLAIRE GPT is bringing generative AI capabilities into the data intelligence and integration solutions domain, helping organizations get more out of new relationships with data."

Enabling business goals for sustainable and responsible operations with IDMC for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
IDMC for ESG Sustainability is the latest in the specialization of Informatica's industry-focused strategy following previous launches of IDMC for state and local government, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, higher education, and retail. IDMC for ESG Sustainability – which enables the end-to-end data lifecycle, including discovery, ingestion, integration of data and applications, quality improvement, single view of ESG data, governance, privacy, and data sharing and democratization – helps enterprises satisfy stringent ESG regulations. IDMC for ESG Sustainability also helps to access and integrate vital ESG data to support ESG business priorities. These include regulatory compliance, complete 360-degree view of ESG data, and measurable impact of ESG initiatives to improve ESG standards.

Accelerate cloud migration to value, reduce risk and cost, and have complete control with Informatica's new cloud modernization capability
Informatica is launching a new cloud modernization capability to help customers accelerate modernizing on-premises PowerCenter assets to IDMC while significantly lowering migration time, costs, and risk. Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter (CDI-PC) is designed to be a one-time, low-touch upgrade that eases the pressure of this "cloudification" process by enabling PowerCenter customers to significantly accelerate and simplify moving traditional on-premises workloads to the cloud (IDMC). With CDI for PowerCenter and PC2Cloud Self-Service Modernization, customers will be able to move to the cloud up to 6-times faster, reuse 100% of PowerCenter artifacts and assets in the cloud and realize anticipated cost savings of up to 20-times. Modernization will be available for PowerCenter customers in the second half of 2023. For more on modernization, please visit here.

“CDI-PC is a great addition to the Informatica Modernization Program. It provides us the flexibility to modernize at our own pace while significantly reducing risks and accelerating time to value. We are exploring projects we can include in our ongoing Modernization initiative,” said Rudi Dias, Director, Data Management and Data as a Service, Point32Health.

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