Drive Insights from Streaming Data

Capture and understand critical events in real time to improve operational decision making and rapid response.


One of the most recent developments in the world of big data, driven by the rise of a higher volume of machine, sensor, and IoT data, is the need to take advantage of the data, as soon as it is available. However, the value of this type of data degrades with time, so there is a business need to take advantage of the data as soon as possible. 


Real-time requirements

This continuous flow of messages and events can increase the effectiveness, agility, and responsiveness of decision making and operational intelligence. However, as data flows in at high rates, it accumulates quickly into large volumes. Organizations can derive maximum value—for instance, competitive advantage, monetary advantage, customer engagement advantage—from data only if they can gather and analyze it immediately and at an ever-increasing scale.

Maximum value delivered

Informatica's streaming data solutions allow organizations to prepare and process streams of data and uncover insights while acting in time to suit business needs. It can scale out horizontally and vertically to handle petabytes of data while honoring business service level agreements (SLAs). Productivity and ease-of-maintenance are dramatically improved by the automatic generation of whole classes of data flows at runtime based on design patterns.



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