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One of the biggest barriers to effective digital transformation faced by today's organizations is connecting, synchronizing, and relating structured and unstructured data from cloud and on-premises applications and processes across multiple internal and external sources including public and private clouds. It is difficult to balance the complexity of data distributed so broadly with the necessity to access it when and where it's needed. 


On an as-needed basis

Traditional enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) are no longer viable. They cost too much to maintain, are incapable of supporting semi-structured and unstructured data, and lack scalability, ironically one of the selling points of today’s cloud data warehouses. Organizations are looking to the cloud not just when standing up new data warehouses or migrating existing enterprises solutions. They are also taking advantage of cloud’s infinite scalability to extend existing data warehouses when needed and pay only for what they use, when they need it. 

We've got your back

Whether you're migrating, extending, or standing up a new solution, Informatica can provide world-class data management support to help connect, integrate, synchronize, cleanse, and relate all your data types across all your systems, data types, sources, and targets. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services redefines cloud data management with best-in-class services for boosting cloud data warehouse to boost performance, developer productivity and connectivity across hybrid and cloud environments.



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