The National Department of Commercial Registration (DNRC), a department within the Brazilian government’s MDIC, is tasked with gathering commercial registration information from all 27 states across the country (and across multiple time zones).


Business Need
  • Provide single, complete, and trusted view of businesses registered in Brazil.
  • Maximize efficiency of government departments.
  • Enable fast, accurate decisions about government industrial policy.
  • Registration data arrived in a variety of formats—different flavors of Oracle, SQL Server and DB2-sourced flat files. It arrived at different times of the month depending on which state was sending it. And some of the information coming in was of unreliable quality.
  • MDIC data analysts could only examine simple statistics, such as the number of new businesses opening across Brazil in one month.
  • Lower the time and resources needed to integrate the data and share the business intelligence arising from it.
Solutions & Results
  • Put potential of commercial registration information to work, improving government strategic planning.
  • Delivered trusted, single view of 53 million companies that is complete, accurate, and timely.
  • Helped nurture and grow fledgling businesses.
  • Reduced time needed to answer key policy questions from one week to one minute.
  • Integrated data quickly and efficiently, regardless of datatype or source.
  • Identified market and business trends.

Success Stories

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