Middle Eastern Insurance Company

This Middle Eastern Insurance Company, headquartered in Israel, is one of largest insurance and financial groups in Middle East, offering comprehensive financial and insurance solutions.

“When people see what we’ve built using Informatica solutions and our own expertise, they think it’s nothing short of amazing.”

Head of Big Data and BI Development Lead

Middle Eastern Insurance Company
Business Need
  • Automatically classify, enrich, and curate data assets for data scientists
  • Extend data catalog with custom attributes for greater flexibility among data analysts
  • Accelerate the extraction of big data into a data lake, making information available to analysis teams
  • Accelerate the pace at which data assets are available for research and analysis
  • Save time for data scientists and analysts by allowing them to easily prepare their own data for analysis
  • Enable the business to identify insurance industry trends faster and react quickly to new business requirements
Solutions & Results
  • Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog scans IBM Cognos and other sources, automatically indexing data assets for enterprise-wide discovery
  • Use Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation to enable data analysts and scientists to prepare data for analysis via self-service
  • Improves business decision-making with faster insights into the insurance market, helping the business improve its market position
  • Extract, transform, and load customer data from a Hadoop data lake using Informatica Data Engineering Integration
  • Enables zero-day time to market for data analysis and data science projects critical to digital transformation
  • Reduces the time data scientists and analysts spend finding, preparing, and operationalizing data, giving them more time for research
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