Manitoba Telecom Services

While working in their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) encountered challenges in the proper use of Informatica and handling failures when dealing with third party systems for their integration processing. Rather than using the potential of Informatica, developers would simply create Kornshell scripts to perform the tasks needed. As the use of external vendors and servers grew, so did the number of failures. Over time, when they encountered a network issue, server issue, holidays, or any other event that prevented the successful transfer of files, their process would fail and an on call programmer would have to resolve the issue. These failures proved to be time consuming to resolve due to the complexity of the process.

To address this situation, all of the complex Kornshell scripts were replaced with the functionality within Informatica PowerCenter. MTS created a more resilient and reliable process that increased the availability of data to the end users. The workflows that were modified no longer fail and with no Kornshell present, are easier to upgrade or modify to meet business needs. This has resulted in a reduction in development costs, over-time costs and greater reliability of data delivery.

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